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Want to Exhibit at Mahoning Valley Comicon?

Show Floor Areas


We have guest Cosplayers as well as plenty of fans cosplaying.

Award Stage

We offer Cash Prizes to our adult and child costume contest winners.

Auction Hall

We are not planning an auction but we have had charity auctions in the past.

Autograph Tables

Our celebrity guests sign at their tables, they do charge a fee.

Vendors Booths

We offer some of the best vendors around selling comic books, toys, and other collectibles.

Artists Alley

Our Artists are mixed in with our media guests and vendors.

Gaming Stations

We currently do not offer Gaming Stations but we will be adding vintage gaming if interest arises.

Q&A Panel

We do offer Q & A Panel's with our celebrity guests in the event room.

Board Game Room

We currently do not offer a Board Game Room. If enough interest arises we can consider eventually.


11:00 AM  |  Opening Ceremony (2023 Schedule)
12:00 PM  |  Lisa Neeld, star actress of the upcoming horror-comedy The Girl 2 along with Crew talk about indie filmmaking!
1:00 PM  | Marvel Comic Book Artist Matt Horak talks The Punisher, Spiderman/Deadpool, Black Panther, Star Wars Rebellion, and more!
2:00 PM  |  Creating the U.S.S. Enterprise 1701-G, Star Trek Picard's Bill Krause talks about his work on starship designing and creating the newest version of the famed U.S.S. Enterprise.
3:00 PM  |  From Topps Cards to Comic Books, Dan Gorman talks about being a licensed Topps non-sports card artist and his work on comic books. With Topps he has done such projects involving Marvel, Star Wars, Stranger Things, The Walking Dead, & more! Some of his cards are valued at over $1,000.
4:00 PM  |  Oompa Loompa & Yoda Speak, Deep Roy shares stories of his longtime friendship with Tim Burton, acting in all the new Star Trek films, his many movie roles from Transformers to the Never Ending Story, playing all the Oompa Loompa's in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and along with Frank Oz being the original Yoda in Star Wars Empire Strikes Back!
5:00 PM  |  Child Costume Contest, $50 cash prize for the winner! (must be under 18), contest judged by The Midnight Movie (some footage may be shown on TV)

5:30 PM  |  Adult Costume Contest, $100 cash prize for the winner! (18 & older),

contest judged by The Midnight Movie (some footage may be shown on TV)

*Special Notice, if the costume contest runs over the time limit then "An Evening With Ming Chen 2 will begin afterwards."
6:00 PM  |  An Evening With Ming Chen 2, Ming Chen shares more of everything you'd want to know about starring on AMC's Comic Book Men and some things you don't. He'll also talk about working with Kevin Smith on Clerks III.
7:00 PM  |  Closing Ceremony

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