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Event Room

Night of the Living Dead.jpg

Night of the Living Dead Movie with The Mummy & The Monkey introduction

5 PM
Stranger Things.jpg

Stranger Things Panel with Kent Wagner & Shawn South

7 PM
2019 E.jpg

Trick or Treat Movie with star Marc Price introduction

8 PM


Event Room


The Girl Movie with stars Lisa Neeld, Tiffany Apan, Matt Jefferson, & Travis Bowen introduction

11 AM
The Walking Dead.jpg

The Walking Dead Panel with Kent Wagner, Shawn South, & Tim Proctor

1 PM
Angela Jones.jpg

Angela Jones Q & A

2 PM
Marc Price.jpg

Marc Price Q & A

3 PM
Lisa Wilcox.jpg

Lisa Wilcox Q & A

4 PM

Cosplay Costume Contest (kids & adults)

5 PM
2019 C.jpg

War of the Worlds Movie with star Ann Robinson introduction

6 PM


Bar / Restaurant


Saturday Night Scaryoke, the Dark Xmas After Party! Join celeb guests, vendors, and fans as we celebrate Dark Xmas 2019.

8 PM


Event Room

Plan 9 From Outer Space.jpg

Plan 9 From Outer Space Movie with The Midnight Movie introduction

11 AM
Dawn of the Dead.jpg

Dawn of the Dead Panel with Joe Shelby, Bob Michelucci, and Nick Tallo

1 PM
The Greenman Poster.jpg

The Greenman Movie with director Joe Shelby introduction

2 PM
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