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About The Film


The story is loosely based on one of the most famous plays ever written "Julius Caesar" by William Shakespeare but set in an apocalyptic near future.

It follows an outlaw terrorist organization led by Cleopatra (Susie Feldman), Mark Antony (Joe Mohn), and Julius Caesar (Travis Bowen). Only three men (Byron Cherry, Matt T Metzler, & Matt Jefferson) will stand in their way at all costs with the fate of the future of humanity depending on them. 

This film includes an all star cast including Linda Harrison (Planet Of The Apes), Don Pedro Colley (George Lucas's THX 1138), Byron Cherry (The Dukes Of Hazzard), Susie Feldman (The Two Coreys), Matt T Metzler (Breaking Bad), Hacksaw Jim Duggan (WWE Hall Of Fame), Honky Tonk Man (WWE Superstar), Conrad Brooks (Plan 9 From Outer Space), and many more!

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