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Linda Harrison

Executive Producer


Linda is considered by many to be Hollywood Royalty, the Zanuck part of her family is responsible for creating 20th Century Fox Films.

John Gorski

Lead Makeup Effects

Sound Assistant

John has done lead special makeup effects for one EFE film in the past and has also worked on numerous other indie film projects.

Kayla Krafcik

Casting Director

Asst. Prod. Manager

Kayla has been the casting director of the last few EFE projects. She is also the writer for the EFE monthly news letter.

Melanie Spurk

Set Decorator


Melanie has been with EFE since 2009 and helps with set decoration and keeping everything in order. 

THE Crew

Travis Bowen


Lead Director

Travis has been directing and producing films for over 11 years. He has 3 full length films to his credit and one short. He is the co-owner of EFE.

Jim Danko

Director Of Photography

Producer / Editor

Jim edited the EFE film Night Of The Cannibals and the NE Ohio Dukes documentary, he is the owner of No Tolerance Productions.

Mike Kolovich

Camera Operator

Assistant DP

Mike was the camera operator and assistant DP of the EFE film The Girl. He also co-produced the Lisa Neeld TV show VIP Style.

Jason Fuller

Line Producer


Jason is known in the NE Ohio area as the go to guy for location scouting. He has been the main location scout for EFE for the past 4 years.

Joe Mohn

Production Manager

Camera Operator

Co-owner of EFE, Joe has directed and produced 3 EFE films and will be working on his 4th soon. He also runs a horror convention in the Warren Ohio area.

Matt Jefferson

Sound / Prop Manager

Camera Operator

Matt is a prop building master, and is also a talented director and special effects makeup artist. He is currently directing his 1st full length film.

Dawn Maxwell



Dawn is a vampire novelist and also the host of a radio show.

James Spurk

Location Manager


Jim has been with EFE since 2009 and was the Executive Producer of Night Of The Cannibals.

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