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B9 & R2D2

Dan Lowery will be bringing his replica life-size R2D2 from Star Wars and B9 Robot from Lost In Space! 

Dan is a big SciFi fan, When he was a child he couldn't get enough of Star Trek, Lost in Space, and then Star Wars. The Lost in Space robot was his favorite. He always dreamed of having that robot as a child to protect him. As an adult, he never really got rid of that dream. His life circumstances and career allowed him to gain skills in Industrial repair and fabrication. From metal, plastics, and wood. But there were some things at that time he knew he would need help with. He did a lot of research on others that had built a Lost in Space Robot and then discovered the B9robotbuildersclub. That and having a friend skilled in 3d printing and electronics he went to work. In mid-2016 Dan started building the Robot with just a few purchased parts from the club. This endeavor took about a year and a half before he came to life and started talking. 


While at Wonderfest Kentucky with his B9 robot he saw a life-size R2D2. He figured what the heck, he'd built a 6'4 robot, how hard can it be? To his luck, he discovered yet another club that 3D prints just about the entire R2D2. So he purchased two 3D printers and put them to use printing hundreds and hundreds of parts and started working on the electronics for it. the downside of 3d printing was many of hours sanding and finishing all those parts. But in the end, his Lost in Space B9 robot gained a little brother.


What Dan has come to enjoy more than having them is seeing other people enjoy them. To see the smiles on their faces.

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