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Dan Gorman

Dan began working as a Sketch Card Artist in 2010 and has since worked on over 150 Licensed Trading Card sets featuring properties that include but are not limited to Marvel, DC, Star Wars, Star Trek, Game of Thrones, Alien, The Lord of the Rings, Vampirella, Bettie Page, KISS, Rick & Morty, Steven Universe and AMC's The Walking Dead. In 2012, Dan began his career as a Comic Book penciler and has been published by Dark Horse (Grindhouse), AC Comics (FemForce), Empire Comics Lab (Cemetery Plots), Source Point Press (The Rejected, Kringle) and Caliber Comics (Mississippi Zombie). Dan is a member in good standing of the National Cartoonists Society and creates a weekly webcomic for The Akron RubberDucks (Cleveland Indians Affiliate) Baseball team called RubberDucks Tales which posts weekly to their Instagram Stories. Dan also creates a webcomic called "The Akron Knight" which is featured in his local Newspaper "The Akron Devil Strip". Dan also helps run and promote several local Comicons and Pop Culture Cons, most notably The Akron Comicon, as well as helping manage Rubber City Comics in downtown Akron. You can see more of Dan's work at and be sure to follow him @GDanArtist on Twitter and Instagram!

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