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Don O'Malley

Don O'Malley and his robot will be on hand at the show. DON'S Breakfast Serial show home of Serials & Cliffhangers from the 1930's - 1950's . Serials involved a single set of characters, a protagonist and a antagonist, involved in a single story, which has been edited into chapters after the fashion of serial fiction and the episodes cannot be shown out of order or as a single or a random collection of short subjects. Each chapter was screened at a movie theater for one week, and ended with a cliffhanger, in which characters found themselves in perilous situations with little apparent chance of escape. Viewers had to return each week to see the cliffhangers resolved and to follow the continuing story. Like the old Saturday matinee at the movies, DON'S Breakfast Serial will included several chapters of a serial, along with animated cartoons,if time permitting. Tune in weekly to see DON'S Breakfast Serial show.

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