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Paul Worley

Beginning his career as a comic book artist, Paul became a weekend warrior showcasing his work at conventions around the country. Meeting so many fellow artists and celebrities, his collection became nearly unmanageable. When the opportunity to buy a comic book store arose, he jumped at the chance (Bennie’s Comic Books & Sports Cards in Sharon, PA).

At one of those comic conventions, Paul was asked if he wanted to be in a movie as an extra. Naturally he said yes. On the day of shooting, an actor didn't show and the director asked if he'd like to take over the role. It was that day that the acting bug bit hard and Paul has been in front of the camera ever since.

You can see him in such TV series as Manhunt, and One Dollar, or in the movies Enormity of Life, Broke Down, The Wolf in Sheep's Clothing. His upcoming projects include Engineering Tragedy: The Ashtabula Train Disaster, Deacon of Doom, Escape from Muddy Run, Vampire Penance, and Wine Creek. He recently just appeared in the basketball film about Lebron James on Peacock called Shooting Stars and he co-starred in the horror comedy The Girl 2.

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