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Drac and Countess Carita

Long before Drac had become Drac, a young man known as Bob Kokai was a very gifted artist. He had met with both Bob Kane for DC and Stan Lee with Marvel who tried to recruit him for his work. Due to still being a teenager he was unable to move to NY which was the requirement of both. While that opportunity would pass, he would continue his work in art. He would go on to work as an actor on stage with Tom Hanks and Kathy Bates, became a voice on radio, and a commentator for A&E's Biography. It was what he did in the 1980's though that would make him a legend among folks in Cleveland, hosting his television program as Drac. For his work on TV as Drac he would be inducted into the Horror Host Hall of Fame in 2019, joining such other famed horror hosts as Ghoulardi, Elvira, and John Zacherley. Currently he hosts Drac and Countess Carita's Transylvania Tonight on The Monster Channel. 

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